2007 XL 1200C 14 degree with 6" over stock tubes


Hey Ken,

My name is Bruce Brady and I live down here in Brookhaven, MS. I purchased a front end kit from you guys a couple
of years ago and have been absolutely thrilled with it! You produce a fantastic product!. I had a local bike shop here in Brookhaven (Whistle Stop)
do the work and my bike quickly became the hot topic of a lot of great discussion!

I have recently bought a 09 Fatboy and sometime in the not to distant future I plan to have it raked out a bit too! In the meantime,
I am trying to sell my 07 Sporty. I need to get a minimum of $10,000 for it since I have almost $18K invested in it. I would certainly appreciate any info you could send my way.

Thanks again,
Bruce B
Brookhaven, MS
2007 XL 1200C

14 deg. w/ 6" overstock tubes