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Raked Front Forks & Wide Rear Tire Kits,
for Harley-Davidson
® Motorcycles.

Chopper Kits
Extended Forks
Bolt-on Rake Kits

Made in the USA
 $1599. & up
Your choice of rake, same price!


+14° Rake

+18° Rake


Turn your stocker into a chopper in a day!
(No modifications to your stock motorcycle)

  • Give your stock motorcycle a Custom Chopper or Pro-Street look, & improve the ride, without the hassles of cutting your bikes frame.
  • Three choices of rake, lets you stretch your motorcycles wheelbase, 4" to 12" over stock, and rake it out as much as 50°  
  • Not just a "raked triple tree", but a complete "rake system" that maintains the correct trail for good handling.
  • Our new & most advanced kits are CNC Machined from 1 1/2" thick, aircraft grade, billet aluminum, then triple chrome plated.....quality is second to none.
  • No modifications or guess work involved....kit bolts on in a day & the correct geometry is built in......your motorcycle will
    ride better than stock all the way to it's top speed, GUARANTEED!!



09before018c.jpg (993701 bytes)

install062b.jpg (827346 bytes)

2009 XLC 1200 Harley-Davidson Sportster factory rake 30° before and after with +14° of rake and 4" longer fork tubes.
Total rake after installation, 44°, increased in overall length, approx. 8.5 inches,........ride & attitude change...100%

Introducing our New Line of Aluminum Rake Kits
 1 1/2" thick, Billet Aluminum, Rake Kits for your Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle

View our selection of kits for your bike







Narrow & Mid Glide Kits
For XL & FX models 
w/39 & 49mm forks

Wide Glide Kits
For XL, FX & FL models

w/39,41 & 49mm forks

Fat Glide Kits
82mm -"Phat-Kat Rake Kit"
Fits Sportsters, Dyna & Softails

Also available, chrome steel rake kits by for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, & Yamaha cruisers.

Look! Another New Product by CHOPPER-KIT-USA.COM - Fav Icon Chopper Supply
82mm PHAT-KAT Rake Kit
If you like big front forks, you gotta love this!
 "The Worlds Fattest Motorcycle Fork !"


Available for most Harley-Davidson®, models.
 Featuring,..Huge 82mm fork tube covers mated to 1 1/2" thick aluminum triple trees.

"PHAT-KAT" 82mm rake kits for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles®  $2299. & up
Questions? Email or call 662 449-0956
"PHAT-KAT" 82mm rake kits pictured below Click Image for more Info


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