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Greg and Ken,

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you guys for all your help and your great product. Way back in high school is when I caught the bug to get a chopper. A couple of older guys were renting a storage unit near me and were making some really cool bikes back then. I’ve owned about 7 bikes since then but never to the plunge because of all the time and money it would take have the bike torn down cut the neck and put it back together.

Well finally at the age of 63 I bought my cousins bike from him and knowing that he treated it like his baby I decided I had a bike worth investing in. Then I came across your website and thought this might just be an easier and cheaper way to getterdone.

I looked at all the bikes they had done and the one that happened to catch my eye turned out to be Kens own bike. I really loved the lines because I had seen a few others like that here and there and wanted that look.

So I ordered the parts and had them in less than a week. I took it to a local bike shop and 48 hours later I had a chopper!! Made a few more tweeks by putting on drag bars and a low profile seat and I am thrilled with the results.

Every step of the way I was able to call Greg and Ken with any questions I had and they these fine gentlemen took the time out of their busy days to answer all my questions. It’s really nice to get that kind of personal service from

A company when most of the time these days all you get is a damn computer on the other end or some guy on the other side of the world who has no idea what you’re talking about. I can’t thank you both enough for the great product you make and the kindness you have showed me. I wish you all the best my friends.

2001 Deuce
18 Degree Rake kit w/8" overstock Tubes

Thank You,

Jeffrey B. Traylor


Here are some pics. of the 2005 sporty chopper we did with the front end we got from you. I have to say the kit was awesome to put on and it looks great. we have already won 1 bike show with it and hoping for more

John Morris

2005 XL1200c Trike
18 Degree Rake kit w/8" overstock Tubes

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Hello gentlemen and ladies. I wanted to thank you for the fine chopper kit that I installed over 10 years ago. Still rock-solid and beautiful. Out riding today and got compliments from a fellow Harley rider at a light. My bike is #32 in your Harley list and about 90 percent down the list of customer's rides and feedback. I retired from northern Indiana to Myrtle Beach, S.C. four years ago and enjoy riding year round. Thanks again.  Jeff Penn


I have to say I looked at these kits for years dreaming of putting the max rake on my bike.I looked at all of them and worried about everything, read all the reviews, listened to Harley say “Man you don’t want to put one of those on your bike” FINALLY just said do it.I emailed and asked a few last minute questions and the next day I got a call back.  Wow, not only was Greg very patient in answering all my questions but even offered a lot of insight and tips on things I didn’t think about.  
He even offered help and assistance if I got stuck along the way…   Who does that anymore?

I worked on it after hours when I got home, followed the step by step instructions and after a few days out in the garage a few hours a night I was done!What I got was exactly what I dreamed about… AWSOMENESS.

Bob Burchett

2007 HD Street Bob
18 degree kit
8+ over tubes
Total 47 degree rake and 33.5 total inches on the fork.

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I bought my first bike 52 years ago. Always loved choppers, however afraid of a dangerous unmanageable ride.
It was because of your many pleased customers that I chose Chopper Supply, and what a great choice.
It is ingenious how your kit changes the neck rake as well as the tube rake, making a perfect ride.
I went with 18° and 10" over stock length on my XL1200V.   A great small chopper.  Finally a bike that I am proud of.

Your kit stretched out the ride like a soft spring. It handles so crisp and solid with absolutely no wabble at any speed.
It is because of your knowledge and experience that makes your kit exactly right.
Thank you for creating an old man's dream bike.
P.S. It was an easy job for just one person in one day. Probably 2 hours if I had done one before.

Gregg Blair,  Fort Worth

2008 XL1200V
18 Degree Rake Kit w/ +10”

Just installed the 14 degree 6in over kit on my 99 FXR3. absolutely love the look, exactly what this bike was needing.
 After putting several hundred miles on I can honestly say it handles just like it always did! The only difference I've noticed is the overall ride is smoother and softer. Best upgrade I've done on the bike to date. Customer service was over the top, most accommodating people I've ever dealt with. Thanks Greg for a great product and unsurpassed customer service.

1999 FXR3
14 Degree Rake kit w/6" overstock Tubes



I have attached some additional photos other then the ones I sent last weekend for your web site . I found one of prior to the conversion. Just additionally, I am very pleased with the results, should have done it sooner. For those fearing to do it, go for it, you wont even regret it. My wife has a sportster trike using Frankenstein kit, I am now trying to convince her to do hers , It will happen , just a matter of timing. Once I do , it will get my 14 degree and I will upgrade to the 18 degree. Great product, great chrome, great instructions

2006 XL1200c
14 Degree Rake kit w/8" overstock Tubes

DonBikephotos.jpg (1496534 bytes)
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Harley_Capture.JPG (147952 bytes)
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20130913_154957.jpg (4192004 bytes)

I have lowered, Chopped, Stretched 14 degrees, and I chromed the hell out of it. I took first place in the softail category at 2013 Brants HD bike show. 
It has been my winter project for 3 years since 2010. I did all the mechanical & electrical work myself. I machined the bracket for the license plate holder myself.

I am an USAF Veteran and currently work for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs in Marion Ind. 

2009 Harley Rocker C FXCWC
Exhaust - Vance & Hines
Intake - Cobra
Rake Kit - Chopper Supply LLC
Mirrors - Heartland
Derby & Point Covers -
Motor - 96 ci. HD
Frame, Fenders, Tank - HD
Wheels - HD
Seat - Danny Gray
All Controls - HD
Plating - Reckon Plating

If there is any more info you need to publish this submission, feel free to ask.

Thanks for your consideration
"Dirty Mike"

2009 FXCW
14 Degree Rake Kit w/ +7”

Hello Greg, 
Thank you for your great customer service because it is second to none. Your product is top notch too, and thanks for the great tips on getting an extra 1” out of the tube length. You guys know your MC’s for sure. I took my new look 2010 Harley wide glide to Sturgis this year and the compliments were many. People taking pictures of my bike like crazy. I also won 1st place in a local bike show. In addition to the great looks, the bike handles great. The hair pin turns on Needles highway and Iron Mountain highway in the Black Hills SD were amazingly easy to navigate.I gotta tell you that I just love the new look. Thanks for everything Greg. I attached some pics. Enjoy them.
2010 Harley DavidsonWide Glide
49 mm 6” over tubes + 1” modification to rebound springs.
total 7” over
18 deg. tree kit
Thomas G. Staab
Staab Brothers Incorporated
217 Unity Road
Harrisville, PA 16038

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to send you some pics of the finished rake kit on my 2004 Harley xl1200c (Sporty 240). This is your 9 degree rake that i had bought last year from you guys. I got to say, that your product is next to flawless in workmanship, and was extremely straight forward to install. The bike took a major transformation for the better! I did the install myself which took me about 4hrs total! Thanks for a great product and keep up the good work guys! Hope you enjoy the pics.

Andy HebdaIt

 2004 Harley xl1200c
9 deg 8 overstock kit


Got this build in it's first show.  Got  3  1st places,  Trike, Best in Show, Peoples choice

HARLEY DYNA TRIKE  18* Rake   +4 Tubes    Rear End Lowered 2"


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Hi thought I would send you some pictures of my bike all done.  Thank you for all your help with this project.  The kit is  the best thing I have ever done to a bike. And if someone out there is thinking of getting one of your kits   they will not be sorry  the looks I get and everyone asking me what kind of bike it is happens every time I have it out.    Thanks again for everything   your help made this go so smooth

Mark brookes

I have sent you some before and after shots  just so you can see the difference

It is a 1988 honda vt1100c

14deg 8 overstock kit

Greg, Rides much better than stock...smoother, and more comfortable...Thanks again, Bobby

2008 FXSTB 18 deg. kit with 4" over stock tubes


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Hello Greg
Attached are a couple of photos I promised, it is a Yamaha XVS650 Custom with the 9deg and 6"OS tubes.  I was surprised how easy it is to ride, even the full lock slow turns are easier.  Thanks for your help.
Kindest regards
Robert Le Couteur

Hey Guys: Here are a few pics of my bike after I had the kit installed. I must say I was a little worried that I might not like the way it would handle once the front end was changed,but 2 minutes up the road and I was grinning so hard my face hurt( or maybe it the weather that day), notice the snow in the background. However I love the Look, I love the ride,it handles like a dream, and I really like the comments and the thumbs up I get where ever I go. It would be awesome to see these on your website. Thanks. No Regrets.

2002 FXDWG 14 deg. kit with 6" over stock tubes

James Rankin
Quispamsis New Brunswick


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Hey guys,
Just wanted to say thanks for all the help.  I just got my 14deg 6 over kit put on my 2005 FXDWGI and I love it.  Just what I was looking for.
The ride is excellent at high speeds and didn't take long to get used to it at low speeds either.

Thanks a million.

I'm enclosing the before and after in case you want to use them in your gallery.


2005 FXDWGI  14deg 6 overstock kit



First of all let me thank you for your super help and guidance in the entire process. I have been blown away with how good the bike looks after the rake kit was installed. I also did a bunch of other things as well. I am attaching a couple of before pictures as well as after so you can see the awesome transformation. Lowered the rear end about 2 1/2", new seat, handle bars, grips, mirrors, foot pegs, pipes, rockers boxes, pushrods covers, derby, inspection and timing covers, headlight, front and rear turn signals, brake light, front fender and a new paint job. I have gotten quite a few compliments on the bike since all the work was completed. And lastly I have been very impressed as to how the bike handles after the rake kit install. Very solid and true. It is a very well made product. Please feel free to use my pictures or letter on your website as you see fit. Thanks again.


Randy Miller

Harley® FXR 18 degree with w/6” os 41mm upgrade

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Attached you will find some pictures of my 2006 Harley Night Train with your 18 degree rake kit. I got the +2 tubes and lowered the bike 2 ½”. I love the ride and after months of looking at this kit and debating on if I would like the way it handles I am very glad I decided to get this. The ride is great and the look is awesome!!!!! Thanks for a great product! I hope to see my bike on your website soon.

Chad V.

Muscle Shoals, Alabama
2006 Harley Night Train  - 18 degrees w/2" o/s tubes


Ken, I absolutely love your chopper kits. I recommended them to everyone I knew and look forward to purchasing another in the not too distant future. Here is a pic of me on my 2007 Dyna Street Bob, with your 14 degree forks. feel free to use this photo as you see fit. Thanks again, and I look forward to the next set that I will install.


2007 Dyna Street Bob - 14 degrees w/6" o/s tubes

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I've had this bike over five yrs now , bought her new in ....05, got 37thousand miles on her , runs likea new one, she's a 1400 intruder, most of the parts came from you guys at
Chopper Supply ..........really do enjoy this bike and the AME kit has held up PERFECTLY all these miles and years, I believe the apes were the last thing I ordered from you guys, they are my latest addition.........thanks for all the years of good service from you guys.......Gregg and Ken , you guys are pretty awsome !

 2005 Suzuki 1400 Intruder - 14 degrees w/8" o/s tubes


For about 9 months, I visited your site, and drooled... a lot.  It took me a lot of saving, dreaming, and scheming, but the kit was finally purchased and installed.  This 18 degree kit with 10" over stock tubes really defines the whole look of the bike!  SO looking forward to this summer!  The ride so far has been a blast, and has satisfied me to no end.  Want to thank you for a spectacular and shiny product


Livonia, MI

2004 Suzuki VL800 - 18 degrees w/10" o/s tubes

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Chopper Supply,

I would like to thank Greg for helping with the purchase of my chopper  kit and the 24/7 customer support. The customer service at Chopper Supply is top notch.  Also I would like to thank Michael N., his wife Sandy and Louis J. for helping with the installation. Now I have the bike I always wanted.  I would like to say thanks to my friend Kevin for helping me make my decision.  My bike rides and handles great at all speeds.

Kenny D.

2008 Dyna FXD 14deg +2  tubes

Hi ken,

Well I finally got around to installing the 14deg rake 6” over 41mm upgrade to my 2004 sportster.
Being from Scotland with the up & down twisty curvy roads that we have it took me a year or more to decide if this was the right thing to do.
I must have read every review that you had on your website before I made up my mind & finally decided to go for it.
The kit arrived but with other commitments & bad winter I never got around to it for over 8 months.
I am not a mechanic by any means but decided I wanted to install the kit by myself.
I installed the kit over 2 days by myself just taking my time.
The only part that took a little bit longer than expected was the removal of the steering bearing reassess on the frame.
Ended up buying a little dremil grinder to cut them & nock them out. other than that everything else went as per your instructions.
In the UK when your bike is over 3 years it has to be inspected at a MOT testing station once a year by law to ensure that it is fit to be driven on the road.
As soon as I got there I was bombarded by bikers asking me about the bike & the chopper kit. And where it came from.
The bike passed no problem & the mechanics remarked how good the quality of the kit was.
I have now put several hundred miles on the bike since fitting the kit & its been money well spent I love the way the bike looks & rides.
I notice very little difference at low speeds in the handling characteristics possibly have to lean over a little more on bends compared to standard but it took me all of 5 seconds to get used to that.
For anyone that is sitting on the fence go for it you wont regret it.
For anyone who is worried about seat height as I said I went for the 14deg 6” over standard & there is no difference in seat height. To standard.
Hear are a few photos of my sportster also i instaled a bobber headlight to fill up the wider front end.
Thanks for all your help.

All the Best Robert M.
From The Kingdom of Fife, Scotland.UK

2004  XLC- 14 degree with 6" o/s 41mm Upgrade

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I just wanted to submit my pics of your kit installed on my 2003 FXSDTI (Deuce) 100 anniversary Harley-Davidson®.

Installed 18 deg 8 Overstock softail kit with 2 inch rear lowering kit. The entire project took about 8 hours with little difficulty

Easy to install and you cant beat the looks. I constantly get compliments. The ride is even better than stock in my opinion!

Joe T.
Huntsville, Alabama 
2003 FXSDTI (Deuce) - 18 degree with 8" o/s tubes

Finally finished.  Here are photos for you to see.  Feel free to post any on your site. Next bike, wife's 2005 Sporty.  She does not want a large stretch.  Recommendations?   Appreciate you taking care of me!  You guys have the best customer service.  You really care about your customers.  Just not another shop selling parts.  I enjoy doing business with your guys, and recommend you to all the guys that ask!


1997 FXD- 14 degree with 6" o/s 41mm Upgrade

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Ken & Greg,


My winter project is finally finished and I wanted you all to see how it turned out.  I have attached both before and after photos of my bike.  All I can say is, what a killer transformation!  My bike truly went from mild to wild with the chopper kit installed.  We also chopped the rear end, lowered the fender 1-1/2 inches and added an old school 50s chopper taillight. With the chopper kit and new paint, people come up and talk to me about it and even take photos of it with their phones.  I have gotten a bunch of compliments on it and plan on entering some ride in bike shows this spring.  Before the kit, my bike rarely got a second glance.  What an extreme makeover for a 9 year old bike!  Your kit has made me fall in love with it all over again.  It is like having a totally new motorcycle.  It took a minute to get used to it at first, but now I love the way it looks, rides and handles.  Your chopper kit is high quality and the best upgrade I have done to my bike!  I won't hesitate to recommend your company to anyone who will listen.  Feel free to post the photos on your website and my thanks to you guys for great service before and after the sale.

Take care,
Jim G
Kansas City, MO 
2001 FXD- 18 degree with 8" o/s tubes 41mm Upgrade

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I finally got photos of the chopper kit i installed back in April, 2006.  I've been having so much fun with the new forks that I've finally got around to taking photos.
This is a 14 degree kit with 8" over tubes for a 1986 Suzuki VS700 Intruder.  I even enclosed a before photo.
This is a great kit and I am very happy with it.  Thanks!
Barney H.

1986 Suzuki VS700 Intruder
14 degree, 8" overstock

Just wanted to show you the before and after pics of my bike. I always get comments on it.


Keith R.
Houston, TX

2002 FXD
18 degree w/ 10” 41mm Upgrade

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Hey Ken


I know it's been like forever but?  finally got my lazy ass in gear and I have before and after pics of Fancy's bike.
This was a neglected 06 XL883L and at last Christmas?  with
Greg at Chopper Supplys help?  we transformed this bike into a head turner.  Well? that's not really right? Fancy doesn't just turn heads?  she inflicts whiplash!

Thanks to you and Greg and all the staff members there at AME for a great product and excellent customer service.  Just wait......I have an 07 Night Train that we're making plans for, come on 2010!

Griffin, Ga
06 XL883L
9 degree, 2" overstock 41mm Upgrade


Ride safe, Ride hard or.....STAY HOME!


I just wanted to thank you guys for making such a great product and thought you might like to see the transformation my 07 Sporty went through. I could not be any happier with the results I got. Custom paint and a raked out wide-glide front end made all the difference!


Hey Ken,

My name is Bruce Brady and I live down here in Brookhaven, MS. I purchased a front end kit from you guys a couple of years ago and have been absolutely thrilled with it! You produce a fantastic product!. I had a local bike shop here in Brookhaven (Whistle Stop) do the work and my bike quickly became the hot topic of a lot of great discussion!

I have recently bought a 09 Fatboy and sometime in the not to distant future I plan to have it raked out a bit too! In the meantime, I am trying to sell my 07 Sporty. I need to get a minimum of $10,000 for it since I have almost $18K invested in it. I would certainly appreciate any info you could send my way.

Thanks again,
Bruce B
Brookhaven, MS
2007 XL 1200C

14 deg. w/ 6" overstock tubes

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I wanted to say Thank You to the guys at Chopper Kit USA for selling such a great product. I had installed a 18 degree triple tree with 4 over in the tubes on my 203 Harley® Night Train. The work was done by Johnny Legend Customs in Villa Park Illinois and it turned out  I've had several front end modifications done to my bike over the years. The AME Chopper it is by far the smoothest ride I've had so far. I can hug the turns, it handles great at low speeds, and looks good. I would have purchased this product years ago if I had known about it. 

Thanks again

Dave in Chicago
 03 Harley® Night Train

18 degree, 4" overstock


A few pics of the bike after the 14Degree rake and 8 over tubes. The kit was easy and fun, every thing fit well and even the head lights and 4" spots worked along with the wind shield. Thanks again as we love the new look, the ride is a bit different and turns are different but well worth the look

May the Love and peace of our Lord Jesus protect and guide you all the days of your life: GODS word is perfect

Pastor Levi Webb
1999 Honda VT1100 Spirit
14 degree, 8" overstock


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Larry J. K.
Collinsville, MS
06 Suzuki Boulevard
14 degree, 8" overstock



Just got the kit installed on my 09 Dyna Superglide, I went with the 18 degree, 6" over stock.  I am literally in "HOG HEAVEN" now while cruising around Biloxi MS on my tweaked out ride.  Just like so many more before me have said on the website, this kit totally rocks!!!.  The personal service you guys provide to customers is awesome and just something you rarely see these days. 

Chris and Eric at Whistlestop Choppers in Brookhaven Mississippi did a kick A job on my install and their customer service is top-notch.  I have attached a before and after picture.  Thanks again for all the support, if you are ever down my way,  look me up and and we will hoist a few cold beverages.

Dan K.
Biloxi MS
09 Harley® Dyna Superglide
18 degree, 6" overstock

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Hey guys,

 Here is a couple of pics of my 2004.The kit is awesome the bike handles and rides better than factory. Thanks so much for all the great tech support and good communication during the ordering process. This kit is worth every dollar

2004 VRSC
18 Degree w/8” overstock tubes

Hey guys,

    Thanks for all your help and a great front end kit, I ordered the 18 degree with 8" over stock. The local HD dealership installed it and was impressed by the quality and engineering. the angle of the forks and the tank set up on the Nightster prevented any stock risers from being used, so the guys from Design Worx Motorcycle Shop here in jersey customized a set of bars for me. here are a few before and after pics of the conversion,

Thanks again,  Keith t.
Long branch, NJ
07 Nightster
18 degree, 8" overstock

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I finally got a chance to sit down to thank you for your great service.  I have to tell you that your chopper kit was everything I expected and more.  With your expertise and experience, you helped me make decisions and recommendations that were right on the money.  I can't thank you enough. 

I purchased the 14 degree chopper kit with new forks(along with new chrome parts for the total front, including handle bars, controls, brake caliper, turn signals).  I am a do it yourselfer that has never touched the bike and I felt like I had you by my side every step of the way.  Once I received all the parts, I took my time to dismantle my bike and put it back together with ease.  The whole process only took a few days.  When I called to ask questions you were there to answer.  It was as if you knew my bike and tugged the wrench yourself.  

Thanks again
Tampa FL

1997 Harley® FXDWG
14 Degree 6” os
41MM Assembly

Ken, Greg,

Thanks for the 14 degree, 4” over kit.  The installation is pretty straightforward.  I don’t have a lot of miles on the bike yet but the first 30 are very solid.  At speed it is more steady than stock.  Low speed handles like a typical chopper.
14 deg. w/ 4" overstock tubes 

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I had a 14Degree 6" os kit installed on my 2006 1200 custom Harley®. I'm just getting used to it and the weather here in central PA isn't the best yet, but where I have gone I nothing but good comments. I just want to thank Ken & Greg. I was told about the slow speed turns. I'm only 5'4". I lowered the stock bike. With the kit now installed I have better control at all speeds.

2006 XL1200

14 deg. w/ 6" overstock tubes 

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Greg / Ken

Hi just thought I would send some pics. And tell you how it turned out I love the way it looks.

I had the local Honda shop do the forks and did the rest in my shop. This kit is great and not

hard to install.  I would like to thank you for all your help its nice to know that there is still a

company that helps the customer like you do. 


Tom H
Yakima WA
1995 Honda VT1100C Shadow
14 Degree 8” os

Hi Ken:

 This KIT is the BOMB!!  14 Degree over factory rake with 10 inch over factory tubes made my ride an instant Show Stopper!

 If anyone is considering purchase of a Chopper AME kit is the ONE, quit waffling...BUY IT.  YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT!!!

 Don't spend another Summer on an ordinary Bike, go extraordinary..go AME!!

 Easy to install, ultra cool,and better than factory control!

 Thanks again Guys!

1991 VS1400
14 deg. w/ 10" overstock tubes 

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Hi Ken,

It's been a month since I installed the chopper kit on my Harley®. I am still thrilled that I installed it. I have ridden the bike to one
rally and on two charity runs since then, and the bike gets lots of compliments. I make sure to tell folks where I bought the kit and how helpful you and Greg were to me. I appreciate all that you did to help me.

I have attached a couple photos of the bike for you to see how it turned out. I would be honored if you posted them on your web site!

The info on my bike: it's a 2004 Harley®-Davidson XL883, with the 18-degree kit and 10 over tubes, with 5.5 inch risers and drag bars.

Let me know if you need any other info ( I remember wanting to know what everyone had done to their bikes when I was considering how I would do mine) .

Thanx again,

Jim M.
Windsor, VA
2004 XL883

18 deg. w/ 10" overstock tubes 
5.5 inch risers and drag bars.

Got back from vacation and finally had a chance to finish the installation of the 14 degree, 41mm wide-glide kit.  Without a doubt, this was the most well engineered, finished and fitting aftermarket kit of any type I have ever had the pleasure to install.  Everything fit like an expensive leather glove.  No missing parts, no parts that didn’t fit - unbelievable!  By the way, as you originally thought, I was able to utilize the original H-D XLC pull-back risers with the speedo mounted on the bottom.  It actually looks better than any other combination I considered and I have over  3/8' clearance between the bottom of the speedo and the gas cap.  I included some pictures so you could see the finished product.  By the way, the turn signal lights you recommended were awesome. 
Thanks again for all the help and a great product.  I will be talking to you in the near future about a front-end kit for another 'sporty' and a wide tire kit.
Best always, 

Torrance, CA
2005 XL1200C
14° w/ 6” o.s. 41mm Upgrade 

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Hey Guys:
Thanks for all your help...i finally got my bike back from the shop and wanted to share pics.  I have a 18 degree kit with 6" over and it is lowered 1.5" in the back.  It rides great and the person that installed may be contacting you soon.  Thanks for everything. 

Jason in Chicago
2003 Honda VT750 Spirit
18 deg. w/ 6" overstock tubes


Just thought you might like to see the results of the kit...
I just got it back, and it's AWESOME !!  What can I say?  I simply LOVE IT!
Even the guys at the shop that I had install it made several good comments
about the kit, and they BUILD Choppers!
I'm enclosing before and after shots for you.  (okay, mainly after shots) :)
Thanks again for your help, and for catching the dual break setup issue in my order.
It's great to know you're 'on the ball' with your customers.  When I do the Honda Shadow,
I will definately be going this route again!
James L.

2007 Yamaha XVS 1100
14 deg. w/ 8" overstock tubes

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Hey guys just sending you a big thanks for all of the help. Everything looks great from the kit to the Light.  Tech support was amazing. Would have gotten nowhere without the tech support!!!  here are some pics. Used a Color changing paint on it from House of Kolor  "kameleon" series. Fine Copper to green. looks great.  thanks again, I'm telling everyone bout you guys

 Thanks ,Cody
2002 Honda VT750
14 deg. w/ 6" overstock tubes

I love my AME front end. My bike handles awesome in every aspect. I ride my "chopster" just as hard as when it was stock. The 9 deg 4" over kit keeps my bike in proportion. The only noticeable difference is the front braking force, this is probably due to the increased rake and mass of the billet wheel. the bike handles excellent at even slow speeds. I highly recommend the AME kits to anyone. Thanks guys, I will be calling you for my next project!

2004 XL
9 deg. w/ 4" overstock tubes

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Hi Greg & Ken,

Thank you very much for this amazing kit. I hesitated many months to buy it and it's the best thing I ever made for my bike. I sent my bike to Moto Route 66 in Ste-Marie, Beauce, QC to install it. It took 8 hours to install without any problems. The ride is better thank stock, more precise. Look at these pics!

2004 Harley® Sportster 1200 Custom
6" over, 14 degrees over
Quebec, Canada

Dear Ken,

     I am so amazed at this kit!! Wasn't difficult to do at all and the ride, way better than stock! Handles beautiful without that chopper front wheel dive. I went with the 14 degree kit with 6" over tubes, man that was the ticket! The engineering of the kit is superb as is the fit and finish. So here are the pics before and after. So glad I didn't have to break out the sawsall and the torch! Ha! Thanks again for such a great product! Hope to see these pics on your site!

New York          
2004 Dyna Wide Glide 14 deg. w/ 6" overstock tubes, rear lowered 1.5 in.

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Hi Ken,

I ordered the 14 degree kit w/ the 8 inch over tubes for my 06 Honda shadow VT600 back in February 2008. I absolutely love it!!An right now I'm the only one in the Clarksburg, WV  area that has anything like this done to their metric bike and its a big head turner everywhere I go. I believe it handles better now then it ever did before. I did all the work to the bike my self it was pretty much a winter project, which I enjoyed and thinking about start another motorcycle winter project this year since it was so much fun.

Jason F.
06 Honda VT600

P.S. I just really wanted to say thanks, and I really enjoyed doing business with you. I also sent a before and after picture so you could put on your web site if you want.

All done and what a great experience. The AME kit is A1 quality and your Tech support was outstanding.
Not only does my bike now have the custom look I wanted, but the ride is unbelievable. 
The bracket you designed worked perfect and as desired, permitted me to re-use the stock lights.
Hats off to AME and especially thanks for the awsome support.

Ride Free
Lorne R.
Nova Scotia

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Hi Ken,
Job done...
The best bike I have ever ridden! A revelation, smooth, precise, twitches all gone.
Total success. Picture attached, Love to see it on your web site.
Phil Kerney
Willow Creek Vineyard, General Manager
Merricks North. Victoria.

I got the 18 degree kit with 8" overstock tubes for my 99 Hugger. I had Big Harry's garage put the forks together and I installed it
myself. It wasn't too difficult.

Thank you very much from a happy customer, best damn $1700 I ever spent.
The bike is fun to ride and my Sporty turns heads now, sweeeet.

1999 Harley® Hugger
18 degree with 8" over stock tubes

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Man where do I start? Well I could go on and on about how I LOVE this kit and about how it turns heads everywhere I go, but everyone says that. So OK, I will too. This kit rocks!!! Took less than a day including changing the rear fender. The next day, took it for a test ride, two weeks later I am still grinning ear to ear. Put two weeks worth of slow, stop and go, commute to work, city traffic. Not one problem! Just got back from a 3 day weekend, 1000 mile ride, Hwy, backroads, in town mix and WOW!!! I Love It. Thanks for the wonderful kit so that I could complete my dream of owning a chopper.

2006 Harley® XL

P.S. I installed the 14*, 8 over, 39mm, Narrow Glide version. Just thought future buyers might want to see what the Narrow Glide would look like, and with the apes laid back with the Corbin seat, it becomes a recliner. I love it!!!

Greg & Ken,
   Recently I purchased a kit from you guys let me tell impressed with the end result!  I had to call and talk to Greg a few times and he was insightful and helpful in recommending the proper kit for my bike.  I live in Philadelphia, PA and not matter the distance between us one interest is the same...BIKES & CHOPPERS!  Coolaid Customs did the installation & some fabrication and I could not be anymore satisfied.  my bike is a 2005 Suzuki Boulevard S83 and i had the 14 degree w/ 8 inch overstock tube kit as well as glide risers and 1' Z-Bars w/ 4' rise installed.  great call...looks awesome!  added a few graphics on my own and there ya have it.  your products & service certainly deserve two thumbs up!  many a compliment has been given about my bike but it's all about you.  thanks for everything and will recommend you to anyone who inquires.  enjoy the pics enclosed.

Another satisfied customer,
Karl Bispels
Philadelphia, PA
2005 Suzuki Boulevard S83

14 degree with 8" over stock tubes

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Just want to say thank you again for the Great Customer Service!  I enjoyed doing business with you!Attached are some photo's of the 1989 Honda Shadow VT1100.

Again, I appreciate everything you did for me.  Should you ever have a customer that needs a reference, please give them my email.  Not many companies left like yours, customer first!  I really enjoyed doing business with you!

David Smith


Thank you for everything. The bike turned out better than I could ever have imagined. People just can't believe its the same bike, or even that its a Honda!! I could not have done it without all the technical support you and the staff provided. You were there every step of the way and never got frustrated with all my questions. Very professional  job.

Bobby Umbaugh
2002 Honda VTX1800

18 degree with 8" over stock tubes

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Hey Ken. Sorry I took so long in writing this, Just wanted to ride for a while an see how she rode. It's all good .I tried to find something wrong or some thing I didn't like but I had no luck in my search. A totally awesome ride, Handles great at low or high speeds. Handles curves with no stress on my part. I've had no negative comments on my bike, everyone has like the new look of my bike. Ken,, both you and Greg Have been super great people to deal with.
If anyone is interested in chopping there ride. I'll be sure to sent them your way' ..If anybody wants to email me I'll be more than happy to answer any questions from the buyers view.  Email me @    brownmule56@yahoo. com.. I live in southeast Arkansas. Ken it has been a pleasure doing business with you and Greg

God bless,
James Haney
2001 XV1600
18 degree 10"overstock tubes


Here are a few before and after pictures of my bike.  I receive the kit on Friday and installed it that night.  I took it out for a test run on Saturday.  What a bike.  Thanks for all the phone support that you and Greg gave me. The 18 deg with 10" over tubes were perfect for me.  I'm already getting more attention than before.  I highly recommend your kits to everyone thinking about chopping out their bike.


2007 FXSTC
18 degree with 10" over stock tubes

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Hey guys ....I am riding the bike some more today (finally warmed up enough) I just LOVE it! all my friends and family are blown away how cool it looks they all are taking pic. of it with their cell phones!................I've noticed a kick ass good side effect from the whole change over though...for some crazy reason I think the long front end acts like a tuning fork or something , because now MY MIRRORS DONT VIBRATE any more ! and I used to feel a lot of tingling at certain speeds through the old stock seat but that's GONE's a really stable ride and since I got used to the wider turns it's business as usual. I'm glad I chose you guys instead of the competitor! y'all were real helpful and sharp about the whole thing!
2005 Suzuki Boulevard with: 10 in over AME kit , forward controls , 412 lowering shocks , gunfighter a few other goodies

Thanx Mike C

  Attalla Al.



I just wanted to thank everyone there for all of your help with the kit for my bike. Everyone was as nice and as helpful as could be. The installation was simple and the instructions had everything explained step by step.

Here is some before and after pics for you guys to see.

Thanks again for everything.

Randy A.

2002 883 Sportster Hugger

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Hi Ken,
Well it's done and what can I say, talk about a transformation !

As mentioned the kit arrived in Cape Town last Wednesday so I took a few days to get the other essentials organized such as fork seals & fork oil etc.

I managed to get a very willing friend (Vernon) to come and help on Saturday morning. After I had been out and got some last minute essentials we started with the lift of the bike onto the stands at around 11am. Once we got the bike secure and the forks off I got started with stripping the forks whilst Vernon tacked the bearing seats. I had read on another write up that the bearings seats are hard to get to and punch out on post 2005 Dyna Glides and as such are easier to remove with a small hand held cutting wheel (Dremmel style cutter). The cutting wheel worked fantastic, Vernon took his time as he was concerned about cutting through the seat into the frame but I advised him that this did not matter too much as any cuts could be dressed up and were not going to effect the installation of the top tree and lower adaptor.

Once the seats were out we got started with the re-assembly. We had put the bottom adaptor in the freezer for about an hour so this helped it to slip into position nicely. With adaptor and top tree in place we then installed the lower tree and forks. Once that was done it was back on with the front wheel. We took the bike off the stand and finished refitting all of the other components.

I was riding the bike by 6:30pm so I would guess that the whole job took us around 9 hours to complete. I would say it is easier if you can get help as another pair of hands always come in handy. I am sure that without Vernon, the job would have been closer to 12 hours or more.

The following day Vernon and I covered around 150km around the Cape Town peninsula (it's summer in Africa now). The bike runs true and dead straight and does not suffer from any undue front end bounce that you can get with some chopper set ups. The ride is also solid with no undue front end movement of wobbles, I took it only up to around 120kmh, but I am sure that there will be no issues above that speed. Also, apart from the ride it looks fantastic, the bike has been transformed into something that looks like it was built as a chopper from day 1.

I would just like to personally thank you (and Greg) for all your help and support. It is amazing that we managed to do everything via e-mail and never spoke once over the telephone and yet everything that you claim on the web-site is correct. The kit is amazing and the components are top class engineering and quality.
For anyone out there who is sitting there wondering if they should do this or not, trust me, get it done ASAP you will not be disappointed. I have attached a few pictures (one before the kit as installed) of the first AME Chopper in Africa (well I think so ?).

Thanks again
Cape Town, S. Africa
2005 FXDC
14° w/ 8” os tubes

Hi ken,

I have had the forks fitted, I had the lower part of the fork from my bike polished at a cost of us$25 and they look great and a real head turner,,,I have added a before and after pic, now other members from the bike club are thinking about getting a set for there bikes, I have no problem at all in recommending your forks not only for the service I received from you but the cost and the quality of the forks. 

Regards John Courtney
XVS 650
14° w/ 8” os tubes


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I just wanted to thank you for shipping my product out so quickly and taking the time to talk to me Friday on the phone. I got the 14 degree kit with 8 inch overtubes. The wider front end looks awesome and I even got to keep my chrome fork sliders! The guys at Blue Ridge Harley® Davidson did a great job installing the kit and had my bike back in no time. They seemed impressed with the product and it sure is a head turner now! Here are before and after pictures so you can see what a difference the kit made. It rides good too. I did not have any problems and I am used to it already. It does take room to turn around, but that is expected. Thanks for making my bike look smokin' hot!!!


Linda L
North Carolina
2007 2300 XL
14° w/ 8” os tubes


I got my Wide Glide, 14 degree, 8 over kit installed on my 2007 FXD, I love
Thanks for all your help.
Thought I'd send pic's, it turned out real nice.
Mark Tucker


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You guys rock thank you so much for the kit

Hey guys just wanted to send you some pics of my bike before and after your 14 degree with 10'' overtube kit was installed the bike looks awsome and handles great this is by far the best investment that I've put into this bike. thanks again guys

1988 Honda Shadow VLX600
14° w/ 8” os tubes

Here is a before and after of the 99 Sportster XL. It has the 18 degree 10" over tubes. Very satisfied with the look, handling, and overall performance.


Chris C
Clark's Harbour
Nova Scotia

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Wanted to thank you for the service, the kit worked great and was a breeze to
install. Attached a couple pictures of the final product, yell I know your
not suppose to customize metrics but what the heck. Hard to tell this was
once a stock C-50 Suzuki.

Thank you

2006 C50 18 degree kit 8" Overstock tubes
AME 18 degree kit w/8" over stock tubes

Good morning Ken,

I have enclosed three foto's of my 2004 1200 XLC which I chopped during this past winter.

I am very happy with the way it turned out, and the product which you provided. I have had a lot of positive comments about the look of the bike, and I refer the people to your company and website.

This bike is as rock steady as you could hope and it handles like a dream, although it is a little heavy at low speeds in parking lots, driveway entrances, etc., but that is o.k. as you shouldn't be speeding along at that point anyhow.

The support your staff offered was without a doubt an asset to the ease of which I put this kit together.

If in the future I choose to do this again, I won't hesitate to get another front end kit from you.

I purchased the 14 degree kit with 6" tubes.

Thanks again, regards,

K Farquharson

2004 XL
AME 14 degree kit w/6" over stock tubes

Barrie, Ontario L4N 5R7

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Greg, Thought I would send you a couple pics of my old FX superglide shovel with the new front end conversion. Install with your help was real easy! Still got aways to go on the rest of the bike but at least it's been resurerected from the basket and is rideable.  Again I want to thank you guys for all your help and tech knowledge. It was a pleasure doing buisness (and even just B.S'n) with you. I think the front end looks great! Sure gets lots of looks!!! Also am thinking about a wide tire kit from you guys.

Talk to you later!

1977 FX
AME 18 degree kit w/8" over stock tubes 41mm upgrade

Hey guys,
Well, here it is.  I modified the front end on my 2001 FXST Softail Standard with the AME Chopper Kit. 14 Degrees and 6" over on the tubes.  I've been riding around on this for about a month now.  I'm lovin' it.  Handles beautifully.
In the 70s my older brother and sister used to hang around with a bunch of guys with bikes.  Everything  from Yamahas, Kawisakis, Harleys, and muscle cars used to show up at our house on Friday nights.   You might say I was raised on bikes and motors.  I also used to ride with my uncle, Butch, on his Gold Wing quite a bit.
Since then, whenever I got my hands on anything with 2 wheels and an engine, I felt like it was a dream come true.  Literally, I had the dream, and when I finally got on a bike it was just like the dream.
Now that I'm 42, and on my third (and maybe last) bike, I tried to answer the question, "why I liked riding so much".  I always hear people talking about "getting the cobwebs out" or "the freedom of the ride", etc. I ride because it still feels like it used to - its still thrilling.  And it feels like the 70s to me.
There is another reason.  I like the air - lots of fresh air rushing into my lungs and obviously doing my body and spirit good.  You've heard of people heading out to "Oxygen Bars" at airports and such.  I laughed when I saw them paying for oxygen, but I do understand the benefits.  There is a better way to get that oxygen - on a bike.
Finally, after all of these years, I closed the book on what I really wanted - a chopper.  Only I didn't have to "chop" the frame.  This kit is unbelievable.  It's perfect, and its rock solid.  If you order this kit, get the install package, too - with the Torque Wrench, extended brake line, etc.  This made it easy.  Ken helped alot over  the phone.  He even answered a question on a Sunday!  Thanks, dude - to you and your whole staff.
Also, thanks to another one of your customers, "Stick".  He helped answer my preliminary questions in deciding to try this kit.  Thanks, man.
East Syracuse, NY
2001 FXST

AME 14 degree kit w/6" over stock tubes

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Attention Greg:  I just got my bike back and I must say it does ride beautifully. Although it does take getting used to at the lower speeds. The guys and girls at Sinkhole Customs in Statesboro, Georgia went the extra mile to get my bike ready for me, I would recommend them to anyone in this area. Attached are the before and after shots of my bike, I would be very proud if you decided to use the pics in your ad, once again thanks for your help.

Joe m. L
1995 Virago 1100
AME 14 degree kit w/8" over stock tubes

Hey Ken --

I don’t know if I ever sent you photos of the completed project, so here are a few. Feel free to post them on the “Customer Rides” section.

Love the ride! The bike is like a locomotive running on tracks. I get lots of compliments whenever I stop. Thanks for all your help.


2006 HarleyXLC
AME 14 degree kit w/8" over stock tubes 41m Upgrade

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Ken & Greg:
I wanted an extended front end and when I found this site I got excited.  Reading all the comments was encouraging but I remained skeptical until I spoke with Ken. 

After further contemplating I decided to go for it.  I had to do all the work myself and I don’t claim to be an expert wrench and I highly recommend having two people but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be, even changing out the down tubes was easy, of course many calls to Ken & Gregg were made and they both are tremendous people; they answered every question a walked me through the rougher parts. 

The customer quality is one you don’t see much anymore and can’t say enough about how great those two were.

I was amazed at the look of the bike when finished; it looks likes a different bike and handles better than stock, yes there is a bit of a learning curve but after a good day of riding, it’s old hat.

Ken warned me that people would be checking it out and asking questions, my first day out that happened and continues to this day. 

Oxford, WI

2004 Harley® Softail
AME 18 degree kit w/6" over stock tubes

Ken, I'm  glad I called you, just by talking to you about what I wanted  you convinced me to buy from you. although I was going to wait awhile I couldn't stand it.I tracked the package from ups to the day it was to arrived. I started tear down at 08:00 parts arrived at:00 and I was riding the coolest bike in east Clackamas county by 16:30. Now about your kit, It makes me very angry when I take on a project and all the parts aren't there, however this is NOT the case here, from the extended brake line and the turn signal relocater brackets, and the new head lamp, not to mention the kit itself it was ALL THERE. I'm very pleased with Quality, assembly, and defiantly the looks, not to mention the ride. Thanks Ken it was a pleasure dealing with you. I've included a couple of pics . Estacada Or. 

2003 Harley® FXDL
AME 14 degree kit w/8" over stock tubes

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Dear Ken & Greg,

     First, I would like to say thank you for all of the support. No matter what product is ever sold, it is the support and expertise of a company that makes a purchase successful.  I have owned 20 motorcycles in my life (spanning 53 years) and my current daily driver is the first NEW bike I have ever purchased (April 8, 2006).  I wanted a Wide Glide, but was hesitant to spend $5k more for chrome and a slightly raked front end that I would want to eventually change everything on it anyway, so I purchased a stripped Street Bob ( I wanted a blacked out engine and wire wheels, dash, etc for my basics) through one of my student's parent, who just so happened to be the CEO of American Powersports. (being a teacher of children does have benefits, as I got the bike at cost!)  I obtained a set of 2006 Dyna Wide Glide take off sheet metal (I didn't have to paint it, but I will to make it "my own" this next summer) and made typical mechanical changes (exhaust, air cleaner, cams, V & H fuelpack), numerous ergonomic and aesthetic changes (handlebars, mirrors, chrome, gauges, saddlebags, lighting, forward controls) . Most of the take-offs from my bike I sold on eBay at a higher price than I paid for the upgrades, so I was pleased with my decision to NOT buy the pre-packaged bike from Harley® that today's "Rolex-Riders" buy for their mid-life weekend jaunts. And since I've done everything from rebuilding  Panheads, Shovels, Sporties & Evo's to painting ( I must admit, I've never worked on Buells or V-Rods, but I don't consider them to be traditional H-D's anyway) I figured I would do the "sh**s" to this bike.

     This takes me all the way to you.

I wanted a radically raked front end - not too ridiculous to drive daily, but something noticeable. I looked on-line and read several articles in the trade magazines and found several alternatives. The only two companies available for complete conversion were your company and Seeger Cycle.

At $1700.00+, I decided that eating and paying my mortgage was more important, so I opted for just getting raked trees and longer fork tubes. I did all the calculations for steering and front end geometry and purchased 3 degree raked tress from Accutronix and 6" extended 49mm tubes from Custom Cycle engineering.  Total package= $1000.00 ...and that didn't include the custom built 1" axle front 21"  80 spoke wheel from DNA and JayBrake J-six caliper.  I installed it all, and the bike looked longer, was as raked as a stock wide glide, but was 3.5" taller in the front. It looked chopped, but I couldn't touch my feet to the ground at  stop lights without playing "ballerina."  I e-mailed Seeger cycle, who didn't respond, so I called them. It took two days to get them to answer. Then they stated that they weren't able to provide a 49mm front end conversion.

Now, to allay my guilt for not calling or contacting you first...Seeger cycle has ads in the trade magazines monthly, your company... sporadically.

I went to your website and was genuinely impressed. I thought, "where were these guys hiding?"  After several conversations with the two of you, I decided to sell a kidney and take the plunge. The complete conversion kit wasn't necessary, as I had many of the components already. You presented a fair price for the parts I needed, we agreed, then I paid and you shipped . . . FAST! I figured, "well, these guys are men of their word; the product must be good."  The trees are as first-rate as any custom made triple tree set I have ever seen, at ANY price.  I installed the kit in half a day and when I went to torque the front axle, I found it was stripped. I called my local H-D dealer and their response was,"we told you not to buy that!" Yes . . . independant a**holes. According to them, "if it don't say H-D, it ain't sh**."  I called you and you looked for an axle for me. You shipped one that you had in storage and I received it right away, only to find it wasn't the right axle (not your fault).

I called H-D ( I needed a stiff drink before I called them), and there wasn't a 1" 2006 wide glide axle in all of Florida or Georgia. 7 days minimum! As I haven't missed driving to Daytona for Bike week in 15 years I was bummed. I decided to call you for help. You stated that you could find an axle for me, and you did. It was a H-D part and cost half of what my dealership would sell it for. You ordered it, had it shipped overnight to you, then overnighted it to me. 

I was blown away by your service.  In all my years I had never received dedication to making a customer happy as what you provided for me.

I installed the axle (a whopping 15 minutes) and off to Daytona I went to enjoy beer, half-naked women and gobs of manufacturers, etc.


I love the ride, the look and the quality of the product. With the 6" over and the 14 degree additional rake, the bike steers practically the same, although turning radius is increased. The ride, with a longer wheelbase, is more solid than stock by far.  AND...there is not a parking lot that I pull into that people don't come up to me and admire the front end.
I sing your praises.

Again, thank you. If I ever come to Mississippi, dinner's on me (beer too, if you're drinking men)

Bradley Jay S.

2006 Harley® StreetBob
AME 14 degree kit w/6" over stock tubes

I ordered the 14 degree 8 inch extension kit from you and had it installed about a month ago on my 2001 Sportster Custom.  It took right at 8 hours to have it installed.  Thanks Ken, for taking the time to talk walk me through the decision.  I can honestly say, this was the best investment I have ever made in a bike.   The bike looks and rides great.  It was a little heavy at first, but after a little time on the bike it is business as usual.  I've owned several Harleys, and this bike now feels like my Wideglide.  In fact, I believe it is now longer than my Wideglide.  It is definitely an attention getter, and has become my favorite bike.  It's now referred to as"The Chopster".

Thanks again,

David H., Sr.
Baton Rouge, LA

2001 Harley® Sportster
AME 14 degree kit w/8" over stock tubes

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Hey Ken how's it goin?

   Here are some pictures of my scooter. It has 14 degree rake with 8 over tubes. The way it rides and handles is awsome.  Cornering is a larger radius but that is to be expected. Heads really turn when they see my Chopster. This chopper kit  KICKS ASS.   I am very pleased with my new upgrade. People ask me where I got the kit, I always tell them Thanks for everything Brother.


2003 XLH 1200.
AME 14 degree kit w/8" over stock tubes

Hi guys,

Here are a couple of pics of my 04 Sportster with a 6" kit .  My friend Andrew and I installed it over a weekend without any  problems.  Awesome.  As you can see in the pictures, I am waiting for spring!  Hope it rides as good as it looks - I'm sure it will. 

John I.
Halifax, NS

2004 Harley® Sportster
AME 14 degree kit w/6" over stock tubes

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Subject: Memorial Chopster - Updated Photo and Comment
            See Previous Posting

Still loving the kit.  It is better then Seeger's as far as I could tell from their recent article in American Iron. I have thousands of miles on my kit and it rides better than stock.  I also stretched the rear swing arm.

Thanks for the kit that brought the project together.

Dave Atkins

Casa Grande, AZ 
1996 XLH 1200.

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you guys for all the help with my ride. The 12 over makes the bike, of course the headlight you suggested is pretty awesome also. I'm patiently  waiting for Bike Week, everyone that asks will get your E-mail address!
Am sending a picture you can see the finished project.

Thanks again,
M. Swarthout

Green Cove Springs, Fl.

2002 Suzuki VL1500C
AME 14 degree kit w/8" over stock tubes

Click Image For Larger View

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I would like to thank you for selling a good product and your excellent service. I purchased a 14 degree 10” over tubes for my 96 XL 883; it was easy to install and   

Took only 8hrs. to remove stock front end and install your kit. I am very pleased with the way it Looks and Rides. I showed in the ISCA 2007 World of Wheels

Won BEST in class and had a lot of good comments on the front end. Here are a couple of shots of the bike I would be pleased if you could use them on your web site. My display was named the HOG CORRAL. THANK YOU J. Fenwick  Abilene Texas

1996 XL883 14 degee kit 10" Overstock tubes

Hey guys,

I am Adel.

I cross more than 2500 KLk`s in the KSA it was a great trip with this

 14 degree w/ 10" OS tubes chopper kit on my 2006 fxst.

So I want to thank you for all the help you gave me on my purchase.

Adel Al-Akhras
K.S.A   Riyadh

2006 fxst
AME 14 degree kit w/10" over stock tubes

Click Image For Larger View

04-sport-14-8-1.jpg (153075 bytes)
Click Image For Larger View
04-spo1.jpg (66317 bytes)

 My bike still has a few more things I plan on adding, but I just had to go ahead and send this email in.  I can’t believe how great the ride is now….the new front end actually rides better through curves and straightaways than the stock set-up to me.  It’s definitely an eye-turner….actually was pulled over leaving work the other day just so the cops could get a better look at my bike.  Maybe after everything is finished, I’ll send you some before and after pics…..It’s definitely a blessing to be back on the road, but to be back on the road in class means that much more to me.

But in the meantime, feel free to use these if you want, this has definitely been the best money I’ve ever spent on my Harley®....thanks again guys, GREAT JOB!!!  


2004 SPORTSTER 14 degee kit 8" Overstock tubes

Hey guys,


Just completed installing my 14 degree w/ 8" OS tubes chopper kit on my 2002 Fatboy.  I'm very pleased with the outcome, installation was a breeze.  Thanks for the great support.

 Steve T.

Kaneohe, Hawaii

AME 14 degree kit w/8" over stock tubes

wpe5AE.jpg (141820 bytes)
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02-FATBOY-14-8.jpg (266086 bytes)

03_Kaw1.jpg (33333 bytes)
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03_Kaw2.jpg (37968 bytes)

Hey, remember me? I'm in West Virginia, bought a bike in New York back in August, rode in the pouring rain for 4-5 hours to Shawn Hart's (of Hart Custom Cycles) in Pennsylvania... Well, picked the bike up last weekend & left PA at 40° & rode that new chopper home for about 330+ miles to it's new West Virginia home!

 I love it & it looks & handles GREAT! I actually ordered the 14° Kit w/10" Over Tubes from you before I had even bought the bike! Haha 

Here's a pic as I purchased it in New York, a 2003 Kawasaki Vulcan 800A.I'll shortly be sending some pics of how it looks right now. Hehee

2003 Kawasaki Vulcan 800A 14 degee kit 10" Overstock tubes

I got my 14 deg 6in over kit this last week and finally got it all set up.  Wow!  I could not be happier with my bike.  Admittedly it takes a little getting used to the new center of gravity and balance, but the ride is so much smoother, and the bike is so much cooler!!  I have a before and after picture to share with you.  Yes, I added a bit more chrome to my generally stock 2004 XL 1200R, changed the mirrors with some cool flames from Tejas Thump Cycles, and both pictures show the Vance and Hines slip-on mufflers-- but there is no denying the difference your chopper kit makes on my bike.  One of my buddies told me yesterday-- wow, that has to be one of the coolest Sporties I have ever seen.  I am thrilled with my "new bike". 

Thanks a million!
Tom D.

US Embassy Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

2004 XL 1200R
AME 14 degree kit w/6" over stock tubes

wpe771.jpg (64968 bytes)
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wpe76E.jpg (66507 bytes)

Mike_downey-1.jpg (72054 bytes)
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Mike_downey-2.jpg (60190 bytes)


To say this front end looks good is like saying the Queen Mary was just a boat.  I never could have added anything to change the looks to my bike like this kit.
Ken and Greg are men of there word, everything they said and promised came true. The handling of the bike is better now than when it was new. The front end is heavier in slow turns but after a few short rides you become used to it. Now this is a 2002 FXD the first thing i did was to drop the back end one inch with the shocks. Next I raised the gas tank front by three inches. I talked to Greg several times and this helped me to select the 14 degeree with 10 over tubes.
when i lowered the back end ,the bike stood upright abit to much, but the 10 over tubes brought everything back just fine. Greg also helped me out with the head light,throttle cables, and clutch cable. They can get about anything you need to turn your bike into something that is  an extension of you,also they have the ability to help you make thoses tough decisions. thanks for everything.         

Mike Downey.

2002 FXD  14° 10” o.s.


Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate your help.  The communication on the phone and getting me the right parts were great.

My bike's new look with the 14 degree, 8" over kiy looks COOL.. Everything everyone had to say was right on.  MY windsheild even looks good on it too. 
Where I live, the morning rides can be in the 40 degree mark so the windshield helps a lot.
It did not take long for me to get used to riding it, maybe because whrn I was a kid my friends and I used to cut the forks from an old bike cycle,
then attach them to the other bike and ride chopper bikes around town.  I was about 11, 12 years at the time, now 48, but the experience and memories are still there.  Hey, you are never too old to ride and you people just made my riding more exciting.  It sure saves the expense of buying one of those $45-80,000 chopper bikes.
Oh yea, say hellow to my friend Scooter, he is the big white cocatoo on my shoulder.  If I had a small enough helment he would ride with me too.

Thake care and thanks again.
D. Williamson
Binghamton, NY

2002 Suzuki 1400 Intruder
AME 18 degree kit w/8" over stock tubes

D-WILLAIMSON2.jpg (93544 bytes)
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D_WILLIAMSON-1.jpg (117650 bytes)

sports8.jpg (38692 bytes)
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Subject: 5,000 Mile Update:

Just wanted to let you know that I've put approximately 5,000 miles on my 2005 1200C since installing the 14 degree, 41mm, 8" over kit.

The bike has performed and handled perfectly, and I've had absolutely zero problems.  I bike continues to draw a crowd where ever I happen to travel, and I've had nothing but positive comments.

Most of the miles I've put on the bike consist of "cruising" in the 60 to 70 MPH range, and the bike is completely stable and has turned into an excellent long range cruiser.

Thanks again for producing such an excellent product.

SE Kansas  1st feedback & pics can be seen below


Finally the bike is done, thank God we got it finished for the event.let me tell you that you are right about how the bike handles,
I feel it the same, and the looks........ well I just can´t describe it. thank you so much.

I´m sending you in this e-mail some pictures of the bike, before and after, and later on I will send you some more to put in the web site.

by the way, the bike won the "best japanese custom bike in show" award.

Felipe Pelaez

Medellin - Colombia

1994 VLX Shadow
AME 18 degree kit w/10" over stock tubes

new_pa2.jpg (51351 bytes)
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new_pa4.jpg (62271 bytes)

wpe471.jpg (114934 bytes)
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04-xlc1.jpg (101663 bytes)


Here are some photo's of my '04 Sportster Custom w/ the 14 degree kit & 6" over forks. 

I would just like to say it has been a real pleasure dealing w/ you guys.  Special thanks to Greg for all of the tech support.  He was a great help

Best Regards

B Fitzharris
Hockessin DE

2004 XLC  14 degree with 8" over

Hi!  I just wanted to say thanks for all of your help in ordering my kit.  I am very happy with the product and thought I'd send you a picture of how it turned out on my bike.  I couldn't love it more.  This may be my daughter's first bike, (once she's old enough).  Thanks again for all of your help.


C. Wells

 2004 XLR
AME 14 degree kit w/10" over stock tubes

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newPIC1.jpg (45443 bytes)

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newPIC2.jpg (51160 bytes)

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to thank you for offering such a great product.
I just got my 2005 1200C back on the road today after installing the 41mm, 14 degree, 8 inch over kit.  Installation was a snap, and the instructions were complete and easy to follow.  I put almost 150 miles on the bike today, including a few brief high speed bursts that were well above posted limits.  The bike is rock solid, and the increased wheelbase does wonders for overall ride comfort.  The 'choppy' ride noticed with the stock wheelbase is completely gone, and the bike feels as comfortable at speed as my Dyna WideGlide. Of course (with the 70 inch wheelbase) the frontend feels a little heavy when pulling in or out of tight parking spaces, but it's nothing major. 

Thanks again for answering all my question, and for offering such a great product.

Southeast Kansas
2005 1200C  41mm, 14 degree, 8 inch over

Hi Ken:

 I'm glad those pictures finally went through. I originally wrote how incredibly pleased I was with the way the bike handled. Everything you guys said about the trail was true. It actually rides nicer than when it was new. Just like a car, the longer wheel base provides a smoother, more stable feeling ride.

I can't imagine ever getting rid of this bike now that it has your kit on it. If anything ever happened to it, I would immediately order another of your kits for whatever bike I got to replace it.

I'm including a few more pictures of my 2004 Honda 600 VLX deluxe. Hopefully these will also come through. The only changes I made besides your kit were the addition of a Vance & Hines exhaust system for a great sound, Honda logos removed and flashier handgrips.

The best part about this bike is the Honda dealer inspected it so I don't have to be concerned about being stopped and given tickets. It's a good thing too with the way it draws stares. I'd be getting fined on a daily basis.

Steve T.
Mountville, PA

 2004 Honda 600 VLX 

   AME 14 degree kit w/8" over stock tubes

stece-t-bef.jpg (53366 bytes)

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stece-t.jpg (49200 bytes)

03_FXST_14_41MM-8.jpg (129739 bytes)

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03_FXST_14_41MM-8-p2.jpg (82018 bytes)


First off, let me assure you that I am no mechanical genius. This was the easiest modification I have ever done to my 03 FXST .  It took 3 evenings after work for my buddy Brian and I to install the 14 degree 8" over kit. (one full evening was spent trying to find a bearing race removal tool. The dremel took 5 minutes). 

The bike tracks straight and true. I took my hands off the bars at 120 mph without a problem. U-turns are now 3-5 point turns so I am now much more careful where I park.

My bike definitely stands out riding in the pack or in a crowded parking lot now. Thanks Ken, You guys rock.

Miles "Stick" Stickler
Olympia, Washington



Here it is!  Been done for a while, but every time the weather was nice I was too busy riding it to take some pics. Your kit was a breeze, and the ride and handling has actually improved on my V-Star 1100 Custom. I've put a little over 400 miles on the bike since the kit was done and have enjoyed every mile. Our concerns about the 12 over tubes raising the bike were for nothing, the 50 degrees of rake seems to have balanced out the raise of the tubes and the bike almost seems lower. In the midst of winter I've been turning heads and getting lots of comments, I can't wait for warmer weather and some bike events. Thanks for a quality product and great service before, during and after the sale.
Jim "Pouchy" Opalka
1999 V-Star 1100 Custom
AME 18 degree kit w/12 over tubes

99-XVS1100_1.jpg (39581 bytes)
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99-XVS1100_2B.jpg (21646 bytes)

Before W/2" o/s tubes
Hannon_1B.jpg (39701 bytes)

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d-hannon.jpg (216310 bytes)


Here are a few comments as well that you can post if you want. 

This is my 04' XLC, I was very hesitant at first about chopping this bike as everyone said don't do it!  That was all of the old school hard core bikers...they said the front end would shake and vibrate and I would regret it, Wrong!!!  This is hands down the best bang for your buck.  The bike handles great even at 115MPH!  I had a solo seat and 11" shocks on in this photo but I have since installed a 2 up Corbin seat and went back to 11.5" shocks so I can cruise with a rider if I want.

The service after the sale was second to none, Ken & Greg always returned e-mails and phone calls very quickly and were very professional.  I would recommend this kit and these guys to anyone interested in building a chopper.

If you have a good bike don't waste your money buying a new custom like I almost did, just build it yourself with one of their kits.  I installed this kit in less than 8 hours total time.

Sincerely, D. Hannon  Bell Buckle, TN

2004 XLC  14 degree with 10" over and 11" progressive - now 11.5"

To the Chopper-Kit-USA Team,

Thanks to everyone on your team.  The bike came out great!  Thanks for providing a great product.
2000 FXDWG 9 Deg. Kit w/ 4" over stock tubes 

2003-883-14-8.jpg (28281 bytes)
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02-XL-14-8.jpg (37655 bytes)
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Got'er done. Took a total of about 12 hrs. to complete. Everything went smooth. Easier than I thought. The looks I got from the people made it all worth it. To me it's like having a new bike. I'm very pleased with the finished results. Handles better than stock on the open road. Gonna take a little gettin' used turning in places like parking lots and driveways
because of the change in the steering radius. I should have that mastered shortly. 

Again, thanks for a great product. I am very satisfied.
Happy Camper,
Tom B.
Middle Grove, N.Y
2003 XL 14 deg. 8" over 39 mm tubes

Sorry these took so incredibly long but that's what happens when a digital camera is tied up in a divorce lol. I was extremely skeptical of purchasing an item such as a chopper kit over the Internet. After many conversations with Ken on the phone I explained to him that I never buy anything before it’s checked out through and through and even then one more time I check it out. 
He assured me that I would be extremely pleased with the purchase and even happier once the kit was installed and I got on the road to check it out. 
Well I bit the bullet and gave out the ole credit card and the kit was on the way. I installed the kit on my ’03 883 Custom Sportster and let me tell you she rode like a soft tail to some degree. 
The first thing I noticed was the front end was heavier in slow turns, and taking off, but I adjusted to that quickly. What I really liked was my bike cruised much better and didn’t hit every bump like it used to, the rear end now gave a lot more and the ride is much much better than stock by far I can assure you of this! 
Talk about looks, everywhere people are gazing from small kids to the babes that I can now chase being single, remember the digital camera. 
My buddy Long John @ M & M Stop and Shop a “Biker Friendly Rest Area” in El-Paso Arkansas did the install. It went completely smooth outside of putting a couple of spacers in to lift the handle bars up a tad. 
The whole transaction with Ken was of complete professionalism between a couple of bikers. I would recommend changing your front end to a chopper and you will be the look of every ride and event. I felt like a kid again @ 38 years old. 
Thanks a bunch Ken and by the way I had to sell my bike because of the freaking ex and the divorce but I know where to buy my next front end.

Little Rock, AR.
2003 883 XLC 14 deg. 10" over 39 mm tubes

2003 883 XLC 14 deg. 10" over 39 mm tubes

2003-883-14-8.jpg (28281 bytes)
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Before W/2" o/s tubes
penn_2.jpg (26869 bytes)
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penn_1.jpg (55954 bytes)

It was 38 degrees today, so I made sure the tire pressure was o.k., got leathered up with a full-face helmet, and went on our maiden voyage.
Off the line to 35 m.p.h. there's an obvious difference that took all of 3-4miles of in town riding to get used to with no trouble. Then we hit the highway. Ooooh! At 75m.p.h., moving with sparce traffic, I screwed in the throttle-stop and let her go with just my two fingertips on the ends of the bars. I lifted my hands once in a while and started steaming up the inside of my helmet from laughing. It felt at least as smooth and stable as before, plus I got such a kick out of looking down the forks to the wheel. What a fine product!!
It is exactly right for my bike both in looks and function.  I stumbled onto your web-site while looking at chopper images. Isn't it funny how things happen some times? I've been on such a high since we trailered the bike home yesterday that my 8-hour work day seemed more like 16-hours. I wanted to get reacquainted with my Softail-Custom. 'Hot' seems like a good word for it. It sometimes strikes me like a fighter-jet with its' angles. Boy, is it definitely fun!!  It's impossible to feel humble while riding around on my Harley® with the AME kit on it. Ya gotta feel special. My brother-in-law came over with his family tonight just to check it out as he owns a 1999 1200 Sportster Custom and  he's combed through your web-site at least as much as I have. I guess you could say that I'm overwhelmed.  

Jeff Penn @ Warsaw, Indiana

Hey Ken, I'm sending pics of my kit installed. It took me a little over a day, thats only 'cause I didn;t have a couple tools I used. Not only do I love it finished,everyone else does to! The ride is great and the looks are better.  I got the 14 degree 6 over and I have to thank you for a great kit! Enough said, let the pics do the talkin'...

Rick Fernatt , Elkhart , IN

UPDATE: 5/7/2006

Hi Ken, Last year when I bought this bike,I never thought it would turn out this awesome! With the AME kit,well it was so cool, I just had to do a few more things.I got the 14 degree 6 " over, and it was an easy install.The ride and handling is great!  I went in for my first service at the local dealer and the bike was surrounded by customers and employees before I even got off of it.Thanks again for such a great kit and all the help,making my bike one of a kind,and something to be proud of... Rick Fernatt  Elkhart,IN.       P.S. You might want to delete the first pic. I have on your site,this one is better,Your choice.Thanks Ken


sports2.jpg (33556 bytes)
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sports3.jpg (83460 bytes)

wpe466.jpg (20465 bytes)
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charlie-1.jpg (43103 bytes)

I found the chopper kit on an Internet search about a year and a half ago doing bike kit searches. Was interested, but wanted to sell my bike and build another. As time went on, I decided to keep my bike and just change it. I'd always wanted a long bike and the AME kit looked like a way to make it happen. After talking to Ken and studying the website, I was convinced this was the way to go. With this kit the front end geometry is engineered to look good AND ride good.
The service before the sale was great. No pressure at all because the kit sells itself. Ken spent lots of time with me on the phone answering questions and putting together the perfect package. Since my bike is a ground-up custom, that was no easy task. Waiting for 18 degree kit was definitely worth it. Plus I had the satisfaction of being the first 18 degree kit to be installed and ridden in the US. I even beat the shop bike!
Ken and Greg never lost patience with me and walked me through the installation whenever I needed help. Greg even made himself available at night, when he was at home. They seemed as excited about my bike as I was. Best service after the sale I've ever had on anything. All in all, an awesome experience.
As you can see from the before and after pictures, the bike is a LOT longer. Turning it around takes more room because it has such a long wheelbase. The bike feels heavier in low speed, tight turns, but it's nothing a rider can't get used to. Once the speed gets up to city street speeds of 25 to 35, I can't tell any difference in the handling. At highway speeds it's rock solid.
This kit has made more difference in my bike than any other change I could possibly make. I might have achieved the same results by taking the bike to a local chopper shop and having them rake and stretch the frame. But no way would I have the same engineered ride, not to mention spending thousands more. Plus, I don't have to worry about welds breaking or the frame not being true. This kit has turned my bike from just another softail to a stand-out head-turner. My only concern is that once good weather comes, everybody in Virginia will buy a chopper kit and my bike will just be average again.
Thanks, guys. You are the best.
Stafford, VA




2005  XL 883L

05-883.jpg (34585 bytes)
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larry-1.jpg (77810 bytes)
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larry-2.jpg (78303 bytes)
larry-3.jpg (87194 bytes)

Hey Guys,
  This is by far the BEST addition to my bike!

The install is straight forward and can be accomplished by anyone with basic mechanical skills. It is, for the most part, a "BOLT-ON and GO" system. No protractors or slide rules or fancy devices to measure the angle of rake or trail dimension in relation to the sun during the winter equinox !! (or the stars if installing at night like I did...)

  I can't say enough about the customer service!!!!

Greg Bigham was standing by 24/7 to answer any questions I had and was more than helpfull on several occasions.

  I have yet to find a cutomer service as TOP-NOTCH as this!!
The company's reputation can stand alone on the quality of the customer service!!
 The bike looks and rides GREAT !!! 

  I got the install finished just in time for the Grand Opening of Space Coast Harley® Davidson. I entered in the bike show and WON 2nd Place in the "radical sportster" division on the first outing with my new chopper!!!  If I ever get another bike, it will be "chopped" with a kit from "CHOPPER-KIT-USA" !!!



  Larry Edgerly   2001 XL883C
 larry-4.jpg (98570 bytes)

Subject: Memorial Chopster

I ordered my kit about three months ago.  Mainly due to my 6 feet plus stature on a small bike.  I could not be happier with the results.  The kit installed easily over a weekend, working by myself.  My sporty handles great in my opinion better then stock.  Now when I ride with by friends, riding larger more expensive bikes, mine is the one that gets noticed.  I would also recommend to those installing the  kit on a sportster using the stock front fender to flip it backwards.  It moves the leading edge forward on the front wheel for a cleaner look.   Thank you very much for offering such an innovative product.  Please feel free to post photos of my bike on your website.


Dave Atkins
Casa Grande, AZ 
1996 XLH 1200.

MEMORIAL-1.jpg (125808 bytes)
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2004 FXSTB-1.jpg (61542 bytes)
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2004 FXSTB-2.jpg (70570 bytes)

  The chopper kit was one of the easiest, most effective installations I have done on any vehicle; it bolted directly up to my 2004 FXSTB.  I have very rarely enjoyed the high level of customer service that your organization offers; in particular, Greg Bigham was of superlative support, both before, during and after the sale and installation.  It took me a little more than a week to throw together, but that was putting in a few hours after work every day, and completing the other projects.

  The handling is different, but not bad - I am reminded more of the length of the front end, especially when I creep up and almost bump into cars at stoplights.  I have run the bike to the maximum legally allowed speed with no issues, and as I relearn the handling, I will be grinding pegs again in the parking lot.

    I will recommend this kit to whomever asks - it draws other riders wherever I park, and I get complements from all over (even screamed at me at 65mph on the Interstate).

Jeremy L. Peifer
Leesville, LA
2004 FXSTB


I finished installing the kit and it looks and feels great really happy about the whole kit.  I'm enclosing a couple of pics of the bike.

2004 XLC
Gatineau, Quebec

chuck_1a.jpg (104779 bytes)

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captMark-NEW-BEFORE.jpg (22297 bytes)

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captMark-NEW-2.jpg (33079 bytes)

Hey Ken,

Here's she is....done! The short straight risers and drag bars make her a dream to steer. Had to move the turn signals to the forks. You were right.
She attracts a crowd! Went to a bike rally with over 200 bikes present and had a crowd before we could get out helmets off!
Thanks again for the help.

Capt. Mark

2005 FXST 

Hi Ken,

Here's a picture of my 04 1200 XLH Sportster. Again thanks, you were very helpful and professional. I can't tell you how HAPPY I AM. The bike rides just like stock. Thanks for the advice to get the 41mm legs upgrade, it looks incredible. You guys are the best.
Anyone that sees my bike will know who I dealt with and where to get one.

Thanks for everything
Sal Memoli

sal_1.jpg (63767 bytes)
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patters-1.jpg (34948 bytes) 

patters-2.jpg (60758 bytes)
Click Image For Larger View

The front end is just what I wanted, really sets the bike off. I'll be ordering more kits soon. 

Thanks Pat
Gray, GA

I Want to thank you for all the help you gave me on my purchase.  The Front End Kit is Great.  I love the way it Rides it makes a world of difference and looks Great too.  

Randy Thomas
Souderton, PA

rthomas-1.jpg (39840 bytes)
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rthomas-2.jpg (55162 bytes)

Terry2.jpg (53517 bytes)
Click Image For Larger View

The bike rides great- You'd never know the rake on the bike was different from stock. I've got people starting conversations with me at stop lights! Best addition I've done so far!  Plus you guys were wonderful helping.

Thanks Very Much

Roseville, CA

Hey, Ken this was worth waiting for it handles great and beats the fork rakes I could get around here. the chrome triple trees really set off the front end and goes great with my smoke flames and Bud Light Blue paint.

Satisfied in Lacrosse WI.

James Farr

farr_2.jpg (26805 bytes)
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DSCF0055.jpg (40293 bytes)
Click Image For Larger View

This is my 2004 XL 1200 C.  The day I finished the bike I took it to the local HD shop and right away I had three other riders coming over and telling me how great the bike looked.  Just about every time I ride I have had someone tell me how great the bike looks.  This was the first time I have ever done this and I hope not the last. The kit and directions were right on the money.  I did have a couple of question and Ken answered them professionally and in depth. 

Thanks Very Much

Lakewood, WA.

Here is the picture of my completed 1999 Sportster. It looks and rides great. People often stop and ask how I did it. It's a blast to ride and I feel like I am riding a custom chopper. The kit is as high quality as you promised.

Robert Gregory
Lititz Pa

P1010085.jpg (36713 bytes)
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FXSTC_1.jpg (58633 bytes)
Click Image For Larger View

FXSTC_2.jpg (56608 bytes)

Chad at Hampton Roads Harley® Davidson and his crew handled the install, they did a great job. The front end is rock solid.  I picked it up Saturday evening and promptly rode out of the parking lot and about 50 miles to the beach here in Virginia Beach (my home)  65-75 mph and the front end was solid all vibrations, no wobble...the mirrors were steadier than they were when the bike was stock!  I can't say enough about how it rides at speed.  Parking lot speeds are a bit of a challenge but that is just getting used to the increased turning radius and a difference in balance.  I also installed a 2" lowering kit from White Bros. and dropped the rear end 1 3/4".  Rides a bit stiffer but looks very good.
 I have gotten a few head turns since Saturday!  This weekend will be a test..local Bike hangout (Boneshakers in VA Beach) is always packed so we'll see what the crowd says!!

Here is a shot of me on the bike and another of my lady.  She is 5'2" and can now flat foot the softail!! 

Thanks again for your help.  It was definitely worth waiting on.  I will make sure everyone knows where I got it from.

Jeff Hudgens
Virginia Beach, VA

Ken, I just want to say that the AME rake kit you sold me is better then I could have hoped for. My 1999 Sportster Custom handles extremely well at all speeds. It also rides much better then stock. The kit was fairly easy to install and anyone with an average level of mechanical ability should have no problem installing this kit. Thanks again Ken for all your help and I will gladly give your name to anyone who is interested in a kit, and there have been many!

  Kirk Van Sickle 
   Manasquan, New Jersey

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GTChoppers.jpg (43559 bytes)
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The chopper kit install went great.  We had it done in a day and it looks terrific!  We will be buying more kits in the near future to convert more Harley's for our showroom.

Tim Flanagan -GT Choppers
Toney, Alabama

Hey Ken, just wanted to say thanks for an awesome chopper kit. Easy installation, great instructions, and the looks and handling are great. I have a few new parts to put on like a K&N air filter assembly (tear drop with flames) and a few others but am almost done with this bike. I just wanted to say great product.
Thanks, Chad
XL Sportster

Click Image For Larger View

sporty_1.jpg (83983 bytes)
Click Image For Larger View
sporty_2.jpg (69126 bytes)

Ken, Thanks a lot for everything. I love my bike! (actually it's my daughters I'm just borrowing it for 19 years since she's only 2) It's definitely a head turner.
Keith Conner, Marion In. XL Custom Sportster

Call or email Greg for more info  662 449-0956

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